Replace Your Phone System Instead of Repairing It?

How many years has your business used the same old phone system? Chances are, you’ve upgraded or replaced your company’s computers a few times, right?
For some of you,  your phone system was the newest bit of technology in your office, even before your first computer was installed.
Now, your phone communications might be the victim of poor sound quality, long hold times, or dropped calls, even worse, Right?

Yes but, your system still allows you to make and receive calls, So if you want us to repair it we are here to help, if we can…. Call us Today 203-745-3675 or use our Contact Us Form

Obsolescence and downtime are just right around the corner. The older your phone system, the harder it will be to find replacement parts or service technicians with the knowledge necessary to repair it. Old phone systems make it difficult to add and remove new phone lines as staff changes. What’s more, most employees now use their personal cell phones for work, which can make it extremely difficult to capture customer contacts in a central location.

It may be time to replace your phone system instead of repairing it.

Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind.
Today’s phone systems are more robust than ever, with features designed to boost your availability to your customers and vendors. Look at these new features available to you.

  • Cell Phone Integration – New phone systems like allow you to answer your office phone from your cell phone as if you are right in your office. Remain on a call by switching from your desk phone to your cell without an interruption in service.
  • Voicemail to Email – Voicemails are emailed to staff inboxes instead of the old-fashioned need to dial in, type in codes, and listen through a long string of emails. You can prioritize voicemail messages and route voicemails as easily as forwarding an email.
  • Outlook Integration – Make one-click calls right from Outlook.
  • Call Recording – Capture conversations by recording them, right on your phone system.
  • Call Routing – Route calls according to specific protocols, such as ringing the receptionist when you’re in a meeting or sending calls directly to your voicemail. A one-time setup allows you to create as many as 7 different conditions for routing calls.
  • Computer Phone – Staff has the ultimate call control dashboard, combining the ease of a PC-based interface with the high voice quality of a new IP phone.

We can fix it, but think about replacing it. Call us Today 203-745-3675 or use our Contact Us Form