Is one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States, Edible Arrangements is the client who has taken every module we've constructed and implemented it within all of their 850+ locations.
Frutation is the place where a splash of fruity flavor meets common sense. When the finest fruit in the world meets your taste buds and all your expectations. When you can go for something smart, on the go
What could be more "Fresh and Fabulous" than a healthful meal in an exciting, welcoming environment? Salad Creations, is to provide an incredible selection of foods that appeals to everyone.
Lime Fresh Mexican Grill began as a few penciled sketches on the wall and hand-scribed notes on my desk before opening its doors in South Beach in 2004.
My vision was to serve Mexican-style cuisine in a vivacious atmosphere that provided guests the best customer service around. But, I didn't want to be just another burrito joint- I wanted to ensure guests only the freshest Mexican food available. That's why all of our produce is delivered daily from local markets. Our meats are charbroiled on grills in an exhibition-style kitchen, and guests have the option of making each meal low-fat or low-carb every time.
But I couldn't just stop there. I searched the world for 50 variations of hot sauces for guests to experience, along with our signature homemade salsa bar.
Since the opening of the first Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, the popularity seems to grow daily and lines are always out the door. The potential in the concept encouraged me to begin franchising without sacrificing our operational standards just to expand quickly. I knew that if I was going to bring Lime Fresh Mexican Grill to new areas, I wanted to be sure it was done the right way.
As Lime Fresh Mexican Grill grows, I have stayed committed to our core values, quality food and customer service. I hope that you will enjoy Lime Fresh Mexican Grill as much as I have and am looking forward to seeing you at the restaurant.
John Kunkel
Founder, CEO
Dale and Thomas Popcorn is dedicated to creating the most delicious, tongue-tingling, mouth-watering popcorn and popcorn confections in the world. Bored and dissatisfied with the unimaginative and artificial taste of the average movie theater popcorn, Dale and Thomas hired a Culinary Institute of America graduate, Chef Ed, to reinvent and revitalize this crunchy snack. Chef Ed experiments with new flavors and textures using only premium-quality ingredients in a crusade to handcraft the tastiest, most creative popcorn confections to ever come out of a kitchen.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, known locally as Pepe's, is a popular pizza restaurant in the Wooster Square neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut. It is one of the oldest pizzerias in the United States. Pepe's was founded in 1925 by Frank Pepe, an Italian immigrant. Pepe was born in Maiori, Italy on April 15, 1893, and later immigrated to New Haven in 1909 at the young age of 17. The quintessential Wooster Square Italian immigrant (poor, uneducated, enthusiastic), he took a job at a New Haven factory, but he hated it. During World War I, Pepe went back to Italy to fight for his beloved native country. Upon returning, he soon landed a job working at a bakery on Wooster Street, which was a much better fit for him. One day, for whatever reason, he flattened some dough and threw on some goodies--perhaps olive oil, oregano, and anchovies. What came out of the coal-fired oven was history. He called his creation "apizza" [ah-BEETS], from the old Italian slang. Pepe began walking through the Wooster Square market and sold his "tomato pies" off of a special headdress that he wore on his head. After saving up enough money, he was able to buy a wagon to sell his pizzas off of. He did so well with his pizzas that he was eventually able to take over his employer's business and turn it into the first "Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana" on June 16, 1925. The piece of land which Pepe's restaurant sat on was owned by the Boccamiello family. They later made Frank Pepe leave so that they could start their own pizzeria at the establishment, which they renamed The Spot. Pepe moved his restaurant to its current location next door to The Spot in 1936. The Pepe family later bought back The Spot from the Boccamiello family in 1981 and it now serves the same menu as the newer restaurant.[1] Frank Pepe passed away on September 6, 1969, but his family still owns the restaurants. Pepe's is currently expanding outside of New Haven as a small family owned chain. Nine relatives are co-owners of the chain, including grandsons Gary Bimonte and Francis Rosselli.

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